Amateur Radio Emergency Communications


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Photo's and member details are now being taken for the new AREC Card. Card holders will be required to supply their email address, cell phone number and NZART number (from the Break-In address sheet).


New CD301 form. SITREP Community Response Group. Auckland City

The following is the latest version of the Community Response Groups SITREP form.

CD301 Form 2016072


AREC Magnetic Car Signs

North Shore Br29 AREC are producing magnetic car signs for AREC use.

For details and ordering information go to:-

AREC Car Signs


The Training site is currently under construction.


Activity Report Form

The current Activity Reporting form only displays the fields required depending on the Event Type selected.

If you are submitting a SAR report for a actual Search, you will need the following information before you attempt to fill in the form. You will not be able to complete the form without this information.

1. NZTM Grid Reference

You need either format:

Eastings 1234567 Northings 1234567 (7 digits each field) or

Map AB29 Eastings 123 Northings 123 (Eastings/Northings 3 digits)

2. Police Event number or RCCNZ tasking number